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Wendy Booth

Wendy Booth

“I had been out of work for nearly 18 months after suffering a heart attack and had to leave my job as a supervisor for a retailer.  After I recovered and started looking for work I didn’t have the knowledge to apply online and I needed a CV. 

As time went on I became increasingly anxious and doubted myself ever getting back into work when I saw a poster advertising the Manor & Castle Development Trust (MCDT) Work Club at Community Space so I called in for help finding and applying for employment. 

They are an organisation in the community who understood my needs and who were approachable and friendly and knew what resources were available for me in the area.  I only expected help with my CV but they took the time to find out exactly what I needed to help me get back into work and they also offered me a place on the STEPS and EPPS confidence and motivation courses that they were running. 

I went onto the STEPS course which really increased my general confidence and the EPPS course went a stage further and prepared me for looking for work.  After completion of the STEPS and EPPS course I had a more positive outlook and I believed in myself again. 

I returned to the Work Club where they had job searching facilities and gave me all the support I needed looking for jobs. They produced a CV for me, helped me with covering letters, application forms, online applications, setting up an email account and help with emailing CVs to employers.

The staff at the Work Club told me about the Post Office incorporating a take away Sandwich Bar in their building and that they required staff. I was now equipped and confident to apply for the position as a sandwich bar assistant. 

One Year on, not only am I in work but I’m now leading the team. Without the help of Manor and Castle Development Trust and the Work Club I would not have been prepared to apply for work and would never have had the confidence to apply for a role requiring such responsibilities.”


Quote from Wendy's Employer

Kalwinder Singh, Manor Park PostOffice, Manor Park Centre

“Wendy has told me how essential Manor & Castle Development Trust’s Employability Programme was to her getting back to work.  Not only did they help Wendy to look for work, they re-built her confidence back to where she had been before her heart attack.

When Wendy applied for the job here she came across as a confident person prepared for the work place and I wouldn’t have known about her previous situation had Wendy not mentioned it later.

Wendy has proved to be a valuable employee and is running the sandwich counter side of the business and is a real asset!

I had advertised the vacancy with MCDT and they put Wendy forward and I would use them again.   It has certainly shown in Wendy’s case that MCDT Work Club prepares their clients to show their full potential to employers.

In addition MCDT were very helpful providing a venue at their Community Space Office and assisted me with the research and resources for Wendy and my existing staff to be able to complete a food hygiene course in time for the opening of my new business.”

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