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Nina Middleton

Nina Middleton

I am a mum of two. My daughter Grace who is now three was the inspiration for my business and since having my son, Rory (10 months old) I have worked from home whilst looking after the children.

"The first year of Grace's life was incredibly stressfull.  it culminated in her having open heart surgery when she was just 10 months old.  On top of that from5 months she developed atopic eczema."

"After trying natural remedies and lotions which proved costly and ineffective i cam up with a the idea of a garment that would cover the arms and hands"

Grace was on medication for her heart and when the eczema came I made a decision not to treat her with the steroids that the doctor had prescribed.  I made it my mission to help her because I knew from personal experience that if I didn't the likelihood of eczema runining her childhood would be reality.

At first it was hard because on a tight budget I couldn't afford childcare I was literally working around the clock when they were asleep or quietly playing.  It's been hard work and there is still more work to be done to achieve anywhere near the kind of business that I hope one day it will be.

I do believe I have a good business idea and I have a great amount of support from the business community in Sheffield, and BiG's marketing and sales team who helped me get Scratchtite into the retail sector.  I'm certain my business will go from strength to strength.

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